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The Winning Streaks

Since the inception of the Bettendorf Football Program in 1951, the Bulldogs have experienced tremendous success in terms of winning. On three separate occasions, Bettendorf has amassed notable winning streaks of 25, 36, 30, and 24 games, respectively. To go undefeated in a single season is a feat in itself, but to win so many games in a row on three different occasions are feats that should be examined.

Historically speaking, Bettendorf has won over 400 football games
and nearly one-quarter of those games were won in a row at one time or another. Such a rich history of success should neither be overlooked nor forgotten.

The First Winning Streak: 25 games from... 1958-60

The Second Winning Streak: 36 games from... 1987-89

The Third Winning Streak: 30 games from... 1991-93

The Fourth Winning Streak: 24 games from... 2007-08