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Athletic Training Room

The Mission Statement of the Bettendorf Sports Medicine Team is, To enhance the quality of health care given to the student athletes at Bettendorf High School, and to ensure a safe and swift return to the normal activities of daily life and athletics.”

From 1973 to 1992, the Athletic Training facilities were located in the boys’ locker room but in the fall of 1993 were moved across the hall and replaced the equipment storage room under the direction of Mr. Paul Flynn; this move provided access for both boys and girls to the same athletic facility.

In 2002, the Athletic Training facilities were relocated to a larger and up-to-date facility in the new Bettendorf High Fitness Center—a 7,500-square-foot building attached to the east side of the high school that is immediately accessible to all athletic and physical education areas. The center houses weights, exercise equipment and cardiovascular equipment.

The Bettendorf High School Athletic Training Staff is dedicated not only to the student-athlete and their future, but to promoting communication with the parents/guardians of those athletes.  With continual training and education, the highest level of immediate treatment, rehabilitation, and care will be provided. The promotion of injury prevention through proper technique and physical conditioning will be stressed through education of coaches and student athletes.