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1998 Season

Mississippi Athletic Tri-Champions — Semifinalist — 10-2 Record

ROW 1: S. Flynn, B. Fritz, B. Munos, T. Tisue, M. Maylum, J. Cavanaugh, A. Duran, R. Wright. ROW 2: C. Hanson, T. Dirks, M. Hayden, W. Schorg, R. Antle, J. Hansen, S. Lyons, E. Schnell, J. Priesser, J. Tisue, Z. Linde, M. Lillian, D. Wendhausen. ROW 3: M. McArthur, K. Fleishaker, S. Day, M. Sawyer, C. Hilmer, K. Schlosser, Trainer Jill Schmitzer, Coach R. Scott, Head Coach Merv Habenicht, Coach T. Freeman, Coach A. Wiley, Coach K. Freking, Coach B. Barquist, M. Kapalis, J. Wendhausen, K. Kilmer, C. Sullivan, E. Dahlby. ROW 4: J.J. Condon, C. Loter, M. Schnell, F. Searcy, M. Kelly, A. Bribriesco, J. Purcell, B. Downes, A. Blair, W. Crawford, M. Miller, M. French, D. Doss, D. Pass, R. Ostrand, D. Yoder, J. Langan, M. Drinkall. ROW 5: B. Wiese, J. Kroeger, C. Herrera, T. Fox, J. Thomas, T.J. Stoffer, N. Levsen, L. Dillie, J. Wenzel, M. McDermott, K. Picha, J. Greenawalkt, N. Walters. ROW 6: R. Eisenlauer, M. Frels, P. Aitken, J. Siefken, P. McDermott, C. Willey, D. Turner, R. Krush, M. Miller, R. Tucker, W. Kieschnick, J. Pokora.

Game Scores/Results

Regular Season
Week #1: (W)
Bettendorf 31, Clinton 0
Week #2: (W) Bettendorf 30, Davenport Central 0
Week #3: (W) Bettendorf 34, Pleasant Valley 0
Week #4: (W) Bettendorf 50, North Scott 0
Week #5: (W) Bettendorf 28, Davenport West 6
Week #6: (W) Bettendorf 39, Davenport North 6
Week #7: (L) Bettendorf 31, Davenport Assumption 46
Week #8: (W) Bettendorf 31, Burlington 14
Week #9: (W) Bettendorf 35, Muscatine 8

Class 4A Playoffs
1st Round: (W) Bettendorf 35, Davenport Assumption 28
Quarterfinals: (W) Bettendorf 44, Cedar Falls 6
Semifinals: (L) Bettendorf 33, Iowa City West 35

Mississippi Athletic Conference
Team Standings

Bettendorf... 8-1 / 10-2
Davenport Assumption... 8-1 / 8-2
Burlington... 8-1 / 8-2
Muscatine... 5-4 / 5-4
Davenport West... 4-5 / 4-5
Davenport Central... 3-6 / 3-6
Davenport North... 3-6 / 3-6
Clinton... 2-7 / 2-7
North Scott... 2-7 / 2-7
Pleasant Valley... 2-7 / 2-7

M.A.C. Coach of the Year
Merv Habenicht

All-Conference Players
:: Offense ::


All-Conference Players
:: Defense ::


All-Quad City Metro Players
:: Offense [or] Defense ::


All-State Players

Justin Langan - Placekicker
1st Team - Des Moines Register & Iowa Newspaper Association

Mike Miller - Punter
1st Team - Des Moines Register & Iowa Newspaper Association

Rick Eisenlauer - Wide Receiver
1st Team - Des Moines Register
2nd Team - Iowa Newspaper Association

Weston Kieschnick - Defensive End
1st Team - Iowa Newspaper Association

Mike Frels - Offensive Tackle
2nd Team - Des Moines Register
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

T.J. Stoffer - Defensive Back
3rd Team - Des Moines Register

Nick Levsen - Center
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association
Academic All-State - Iowa Football Coaches Association

Justin Siefken - Tight End
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

Tyler Tisue - Running Back
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

Chris Herrera - Defensive Tackle
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

Alex Bribriesco - Linebacker
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

Shawn Lyons - Defensive Back
Honorable Mention - Iowa Newspaper Association

1999 Shrine Bowl All-Star Game
South Squad - Selectee

Merv Habenicht - Head Coach
Rick Eisenlauer - Wide Receiver
Lost Game: 26-22

Captains, M.V.P., Managers

Mike Frels, Joe Greenawalt, Chris Herrera, Mike Miller, Tyler Tisue, Chris Willey

Willie Schorg - ?????


Emily Dahlby, Sarah Day, Kelly Fleishaker, Chad Hilmer, Kevin Hilmer, Matt Kapalis, Melissa McArthur, Cassie Menes, Monica Sawyer, Kim Schlosser, Christy Sullivan, Jen Wendhausen

Coaches & Trainers

Head Coach
Merv Habenicht (28)

Assistant Coaches

Brian Barquist, Tom Freeman, Kevin Freking, Randy Scott, Aaron Wiley

Paul Flynn, Jill Schmitzer

Miscellaneous Information

• Bettendorf lost to Dav't Assumption who lost to Burlington who the Dawgs beat = 3 way M.A.C. tie
• The loss in the Semifinals was an almost-comeback win cut short by an onside kick return for a TD by IC West
• Merv Habenicht named "M.A.C. Coach of the Year" as well as "Class 4A Coach of the Year" by the IFCA
• Coach Habenicht inducted into the Quad City Times "Hall of Fame" on April 29, 1998

Category Player Stats 1 Stats 2
Passing Mike Miller 107 comp. / 207 att. 1869 yards, 17 TD, 7 INT
Rushing Tyler Tisue 241 carries for 1181 yards 21 TD, 4.9 average, 126 points
Pass Receiving Rick Eisenlauer
Justin Siefken
35 rec. for 747 yards
34 rec. for 457 yards
10 TD; 21.3 average
3 TD; 13.4 average
Kickoff Returns Rick Eisenlauer 14 returns 353 yards 1 TD; 25.2 average
Punt Returns Rick Eisenlauer 11 returns 216 yards 1 TD; 19.6 average
Punting Mike Miller 34 punts for 1441 yards 42.3 average; 68 long.
Tackles Alex Bribiesco 99 tackles  
XP Justin Langan 48/54 XP 88,8%
FG Justin Langan 11/14 FG Longest FG:  51 yards