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1987 Season

Mississippi Athletic Champions — State Champions — 12-0 Record


ROW 1: M. Reinhold, C. Ruma, C. Watkins, B. Squires, T. Baldwin, B. Schaal, R. Zamora, B. West, E. Heimendinger, B. Longlett, M. Swearingen. ROW 2: T. Cady, B. Zastrow, B. Emerson, M. Sitter, A. Gutierrez, W. Kowalczyk, S. Downs, E. Medina, K. Burt, M. Keimig, A. Miller. ROW 3: R. Speak (Trainer), E. Connelly, M. Rebro, S. Yi, C. McGinnis, J. Gutierrez, R. Johnson, J. Gurske, S. Meier, S. Franks, C. Skogman, L. Hains, K. Gallagher, J. Montgomery (Cheerleading Sponsor). ROW 4: Coach T. Freeman, Coach D. Hodam, Coach A. Losasso, K. DeCoster, B. Wright, T. Yoder, M. Ulrich, T. LaMarre, L. Banks, D. Pitzele, B. Schoenfelder, S. Lavelle, R. Schwaninger, J. Aaby, J. Dickson, K. Kauth, C. Nolting (Athletic Director), J. Sands, S. Loweth, A. Smith. L. Jones (Cheerleading Sponsor). ROW 5: G. Brown, A. Bergeron, A. Wall, S. Scott, C. Smith, D. Donohoo, S. Roberts, G. Thompson, M. Johnson, T. Wilson, R. Riedesel, Coach R. Egger. ROW 6: M. Woolverton, D. Hausch, T. Harrison, A. Uhde, D. Swearinger, B. Briggs, D. Burger, C. Skiba, S. Roberts, M. Fraizer, J. Deere, M. Rtleddge, Dr. A Swearingen. ROW 7: Coach J. Lavelle, Coach D. Boynton, J. Barker, E. Carlson, J. Judge, J. Reading, J. Tomlinson, M. Reier, D. Solis, G. Folks, S. McCall, J. Zimmerman, Coach. R. Scott, Head Coach Merv Habenicht.

Game Scores/Results

Regular Season
Week #1: (W)
Bettendorf 26, North Scott 6
Week #2: (W) Bettendorf 41, Burlington 13
Week #3: (W) Bettendorf 22, Davenport Central 14
Week #4: (W) Bettendorf 40, Muscatine 15
Week #5: (W) Bettendorf 35, Davenport Assumption 7
Week #6: (W) Bettendorf 33, Clinton 6
Week #7: (W) Bettendorf 40, Davenport North 20
Week #8: (W) Bettendorf 43, Davenport West 14

Class 4A Playoffs
1st Round: (W) Bettendorf 38, Pleasant Valley 13
Quarterfinals: (W) Bettendorf 19, Davenport West 14
Semifinals: (W) Bettendorf 35, Dubuque Wahlert 14
State Championship: (W) Bettendorf 7, WDM Dowling 6

Mississippi Athletic Conference
Team Standings

Bettendorf... 8-0 / 12-0
Davenport West... 6-2 / 7-3
Pleasant Valley... 6-2 / 6-3
Davenport North... 6-3 / 6-3
Davenport Central... 4-5 / 4-5
North Scott... 4-5 / 4-5
Clinton...  3-6 / 3-6
Davenport Assumption... 3-6 / 3-6
Muscatine... 2-7 / 2-7
Burlington... 1-8 / 1-8

All-Conference Players
:: Offense ::

1st Team: Joe Judge - Tackle
1st Team: Brad Schoenfelder - Guard
1st Team: Clint Watkins - Fullback
1st Team: Greg Brown - Running Back

All-Conference Players
:: Defense ::

1st Team: Gregg Folks - End
1st Team: Steve McCall - Tackle
1st Team: Eric Carlson - Tackle
1st Team: Brian West - Linebacker
1st Team: Corey Smith - Punter

All-Metro Players
:: Offense [or] Defense ::

1st Team:  Joe Judge - Offensive Tackle
1st Team:  Brad Schoenfelder - Offensive Guard
1st Team:  Greg Brown - Running Back
1st Team:  Adam Bergeron - Defensive End
1st Team:  Steve McCall - Defensive Tackle

2nd Team:  Clint Watkins - Running Back
2nd Team:  Eric Carlson - Defensive Tackle
2nd Team:  Cory Smith - Punter

Honorable Mention:  Gregg Folks - Defensive End
Honorable Mention:  Mike Wolverton - Linebacker
Honorable Mention:  Scott Downs - Linebacker
Honorable Mention:  Andy Wall - Defensive Back
Honorable Mention:  Augie Gutierrez - Kicker

All-State Players

Joe Judge - Offensive Tackle
1st Team - Des Moines Register & Iowa Newspaper Association

Brad Schoenfelder - Offensive Guard
1st Team - Des Moines Register
2nd Team - Iowa Newspaper Association

Steve McCall - Defensive Tackle
1st Team - Des Moines Register

Greg Brown - Running Back
2nd Team - Des Moines Register

Chad Skogman - Kicker
2nd Team - Des Moines Register

Adam Bergeron - Defensive End
2nd Team - Iowa Newspaper Association
3rd Team - Des Moines Register

Augie Gutierrez - Kicker
3rd Team - Des Moines Register

1988 Shrine Bowl All-Star Game
South Squad - Selectee

Joe Judge - Offensive Tackle
Lost Game: 21-7

Captains, M.V.P., Managers

Steve McCall, Brad Schoenfelder, Clint Watkins, Brian West


Clint Watkins - Running Back


Mike Keimig, Brad Longlett, Mike Reinhold, Matt Swearingen

Coaches & Trainers

Head Coach
Merv Habenicht (17)

Assistant Coaches

Tom Freeman, Dave Hodam, John Lavelle, Anthony Losasso, Randy Scott

Reggie Speak

Miscellaneous Information

4A champions = 2nd time in school history
• Bettendorf earned #1-state ranking honors by both the Des Moines Register and the Coaches Poll
• 12-0 record = first undefeated season in school history since the implementation of the playoffs in 1972
• 12 total wins set a school record
• 7 All-State players = the most ever [at that point in time]
• Merv Habenicht inducted into the "Iowa Coaches Hall of Fame"...coincidently enough, at halftime of the title game

Category Player Stats 1 Stats 2
Passing Shawn Scott 47 comp. / 103 att. 747 yards, 7 TD, 9 INT
Rushing Greg Brown
Clint Watkins
292 carries for 1515 yards
150 carries for 846 yards
26 TD, 5.1 avg., 156 points
16 TD, 5.6 avg., 96 points
Punt Returns Greg Brown 16 returns for 231 yards 14.4 average
Punting Corey Smith 30 punts for 1084 yards 36.1 average; 46 long
XP & FG Augie Gutierrez
Chad Skogman
22/24 XP; 2/3 FG
17/19 XP; 2/3 FG
37 longest FG; 28 points
45 longest FG; 23 points