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1970 Season

3-6 Record

ROW 1: A. Andrews (Manager), M. Anderson, M. Kutmas, J. Hakanson, D. Berry, P. Freund, J. DeFrates, J. Glasner, J. Endersak, P. Baumgarth, S. Sanders, S. Treasure (Trainer). ROW 2: K. Ruggles, D. Millage, J.Guffey, S. Beckenbaugh, J. Jones, P. Hayes, R. Lange, M. Sadel, D. Schick, G. Prusia, Coach Holsinger, Mr. Speak (Trainer). ROW 3: Coach Mohr, Coach Thuenen, Head Coach Ray Oles, W. Bissonette, R. Brockway, T. Ragona, D. Thompson, P. Wessel, T. Stenger, M. Keller, C. Meadon, B. Rushing, G. Walker (Manager). ROW 4: J. Rottman, K. Schulz, D. Smithson, S. Douglas, R. Neilson, D. Hintze, J. Mizlo, C. Curtis, J. Weindruch, M. Kutmas (Manager).

Game Scores/Results

Regular Season
Week #1: (L)
Bettendorf 14, Davenport Assumption 30
Week #2: (W) Bettendorf 12, Dubuque Hempstead 7
Week #3: (L) Bettendorf 13, Iowa City High 35
Week #4: (L) Bettendorf 13, C.R. Washington 57
Week #5: (W) Bettendorf 20, Iowa City West 7
Week #6: (L) Bettendorf 14, Muscatine 19
Week #7: (L) Bettendorf 13, Dubuque Senior 21
Week #8: (L) Bettendorf 0, C.R. Jefferson 35
Week #9: (W) Bettendorf 13, Alleman 7

Mississippi Valley Conference
Team Standings

Iowa City High... 7-1
Cedar Rapids Jefferson... 5-1-1
Cedar Rapids Washington... 5-1-1
Clinton... 4-3
Dubuque Senior... 4-3
Muscatine... 3-5
Bettendorf... 2-5 / 3-6
Cedar Rapids Kennedy... 2-5
Iowa City West... 2-5
Dubuque Hempstead... 0-6

All-Conference Players
:: Offense [or] Defense ::

1st Team:  Dave Schick - Running Back

2nd Team: Dick Hintze - [position unknown - both Offense & Defense]

All-Metro Players
:: Offense [or] Defense ::


All-Quad City Players
:: Offense [or] Defense ::


All-State Players


Captains, M.V.P., Managers

Charles Curtis, Jay Hakanson, Dick Hintze, Jeff Weindruch


Dave Schick - Running Back


George Andrews, Mark Kutmas, Dave Peterson, Scott Treasure, Jr., Jerry Walker

Coaches & Trainers

Head Coach
Ray Oles (4)

Assistant Coaches

Dave Holsinger, Bruce Mohr, George Thuenen

Reggie Speak

Miscellaneous Information

Dave Schick earned Times-Democrat "Prep Player of the Week" during the season

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