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Hey Coach Scott:  Your compliments meant more than any other coach I've ever learned from.  They made me feel invincible.  Subsequently, your critique's motivated me more than any other coach I've ever had.

William Schorg
Class of 1999


Coach:  I wish I had made it back to see a game after I had graduated so that I could personally thank you.  Much of my success in my life I attribute to the work ethic you helped to instill in me.  As I have become a leader in my profession, I often think back to the leadership you showed and required of each of us.  Thank you!

Steve Springer
Class of 1984

I am so proud to be a Bulldog!  Randy, you have done a wonderful job over the years and to continue the tradition the way that you did required commitment and dedication. I hope you find happiness in some long-deserved time off from coaching. The Dogs have turned out some great coaches as well as players.  One last thing, just like the Marines:  once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog!  God Bless!

Bruce Fosdyck
Class of 1979

Randy, what an honor it was for me to work with you for so many years. I'll never be able to tell you just how much you and your family mean to us as Cari, Garrett and Montana are so special. You probably will never realize how many lives you've touched and how many young men wanted to grow up to be the next Randy Scott. You are amazing and I'll say it for all the secretaries working in the Bettendorf school system:  those from years ago and the present, thank you for being so nice to each and every one of us. When your ears are ringing, it's because we are talking about how wonderful you are!

Sandie Sprague

I just wanted to thank Randy for all his hard work and dedication to the Bettendorf Football program.  It's amazing when I work with people here in Denver and they have heard of Bettendorf and its great football program throughout the years.  Even though I was injured and didn't play, I am proud to say that I witnessed a great coach first hand in my life.  GO DOGS!

Justin Hayes
Class of 1997

Coach Scott:

I really didn't get to play on your team, but I always thought you were a great person and very cool gym teacher. I had a lot of fun in your gym classes.  Thanks and much appreciation for everything.

Matt Selman
Class of 1984

Coach Scott:

Congratulations to you and Garrett on your amazing careers.  I wish you both the best.  Thank you for everything.

Andy Parker
Class of 2001

I grew up watching the games at Armstrong Field at the old BHS and witnessed the progression from the Little 6 to the Mississippi Valley and on to the M.A.C. conference.  Between the internet coverage and radio broadcasts, we have been able to follow the Bulldogs over the years. My 8-year old son and I traveled 2,000 miles to attend the 2007 Championship game and he got to see his cousin Anthony play as well as witness what Bettendorf football is all about. My most memorable memory of the game would be watching Garrett and Randy embarrassing after the game. That moment defines Randy Scott as a great mentor, leader and father! Thanks for 32 years of dedication and service. You have set a great example for all of us to follow.

Kurt Habenicht
Class of 1976

I just wanted to say good luck! I was on the 1977 and 1978 teams and I liked and respected you as a coach. I bet you where a great head coach.

Bob Krystofik
Class of 1978

Don't follow Garrett, Randy! Next year it's 14-0 (expanded playoffs).

Jeff Tharp
Class of 1973

What can you say about an individual who has continued to instill the proper values to the young men who have played for the Bulldogs?  The constant determination to be the best and give 110% in everything you do, to not give up, to keep fighting.  Coach Scott has influenced so many individuals and I am one of them.  I will always remember Saturday mornings after games:  the running, the lifting weights, and Coach Scott there bright and early with a smile on his face.  Great programs are not created by great athletes but by great coaching staffs and with the Bulldogs 7th State Championship it proves this to be true.  I hope Coach Scott decides to stay with the Bulldogs as it will be sad to see the last coach that I played for leave the program.  Seeing Hab, Freeman, Lavelle and Hodam go... well, Coach Scott is the last one from my era there, but going out on top would be a great feeling.  I hope the tradition lives on if he decides to leave.  Thanks Coach Scott for all the great memories.

Mike Woolverton
Noseguard / Middle Linebacker
Class of 1988

It's no surprise to me to be celebrating Coach Scott's success.  He's earned it through hard work, dedication and actually caring about what he does and who it affects.  Thanks for teaching us these lifelong lessons, Coach.  You've made a tremendous positive impact on my life and for that I'm thankful.

Mike McNamara
Offensive Guard
Class of 1990

Coach Scott is definitely a class act in my book.  Way to go Coach!

Greg Wilming
Class of 1992

Congratulations to your players, your staff, your family, and finally you for the State Championship!  I know you've worked hard... Champions do the work that others are unwilling to do and obviously you've done your work!!!!  From our visit this summer at the Reunion I've followed the team all season.  Again, congratulations!!!

Mark Thomsen
Class of 1972 (Avoca)

I didn't play football at Bettendorf, but was a member of two state championship wrestling teams.  My senior year was the Bulldogs first football title.  First class school, staff, and fans.  BHS is #1.  Great job Coach Scott and the Bettendorf Bulldogs.  I love seeing all those state trophies end up in our school.  Hard work truly pays off.  Go Bulldogs!!!

Brian Waddell
Wrestler - 105 lbs
Class of 1982

Coach Scott:

Congratulations on yet another successful Bulldog season.  Thank you for instilling the pride in many of the players that have felt the Wrath of Randy!!!  Good luck!

Kevin Nowell
Offensive Lineman
Class of 1985

As an offensive lineman, I worked closely with Coach Scott. It would be cliché to say that he taught me how to be a leader and how to succeed, but he did. More than that, Coach Scott is a rock at a time in life where young men go through turbulent waters. Not only does he deserve any and all accolades he will receive as a football coach, Randy Scott should be commended for the young men's lives he helped mold.

Keith Lucier
Offensive Tackle
Class of 1992

Congratulations on yet another State Championship. Bulldogs fans around the world are proud of you and the accomplishments of the young men you coached.

Brian McCracken
Class of 1982

Congratulations to Coach Scott and the Bulldog football team!  My wife and I want to wish you the best and congratulate you on another successful season.  As your former college roommate, I am not surprised at your level of success and I know you have had a significant impact on every student you have ever coached and taught.

Paul Honnold
Clarinda Community Schools

I didn't play football for Coach Scott but he was an assistant coach under Habenicht during my high school years from 1979-83. Coach Scott was one of my two favorite teachers at BHS; in gym class he would always push you to do better and made PE a lot of fun. I have a ton of respect for Randy Scott and what he's done for Bettendorf Football the last 32 years and he's also an A+ physical education teacher, not to mention a great man.  Good luck Coach Scott and the 2007 Bulldogs vs. Ankeny on Nov. 16th!!!  WIN!!!

Craig Cervantes
Class of 1983

Coach Scott:  My brothers and I cannot thank you enough for all of the life-long attributes you have instilled in us.  Your ability to coach us not only on the field in the game of football but also outside of football--coaching us in the game of life--has been truly a blessing.  Congratulations on your retirement and we wish you all the best.  God bless!!!

Ben Chestnut
Offensive Line
Class of 2008

I was a custodian at BHS for 5 years (late 70's) and I'm glad to see Coach Scott having such success. I always thought Randy was a great guy. Go Dogs!

Darrell Allen

Thanks Randy for giving me the chance to play for a winner. You are a great teacher and a great role model!

Craig Hicks
Wide Receiver
Class of 1990

I knew Randy Scott as an 18-year old college freshman. I cannot tell you how happy I am for the success that Randy has had as a teacher, coach, and professional.  He was well-liked, a leader, and as a young man a very hard worker.  I am so pleased that he has continued to carry those same attributes with him as he works with the Bettendorf community.  God Bless you Randy and good luck in the playoffs.

Michael Reeves
Lone Tree Superintendent

Coach Scott:

As both my coach and teacher, you definitely had the "3 Rs"... Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship.  I will always remember that you made things rigorous--and now as an adult, I see that you did it so that my teammates and I wouldn't sell ourselves short.  Relevance-wise, everything you had us had a purpose and there was no "busy work".  And the relationship component that seemingly is so natural for you... well, there was nothing better than walking into the coaches office after not seeing you for years and you still remembered both my and McNamara's name...and that is why you (and my other coaches) were such a huge influence on me:  you cared about us as people.  Congratulations on everything you have accomplished and thank you for all that you have done... for me and countless others.

John W. Elkin
Noseguard / Middle Linebacker
Class of 1990

I grew up being around Coach Scott and he had a tremendous influence on my life.  Thank you Coach Scott for being my coach, my teacher, and a life-long friend.  Best wishes, and continued success for you, your team, and your family.

Steve Lavelle
Tight End
Class of 1989

Coach Randy:

Thank you for the years of dedication to shaping and molding boys into men.  The skills I learned form the years of football at Bettendorf have allowed me to face life's challenges with strength and perseverance. Thank you for being a part of that!  I wish you success in your next endeavor and may all the good you have done for young men over the years be returned tenfold.

Tony Easter
Defensive Tackle
Class of 1986

Coach Scott:

I look back at my days with the Bulldogs as some of the best. The winter and summer workouts in the weight room have carried over into lifelong lessons of work ethic, goal setting, and striving for accomplishment.  The success of the Bulldog football program is something I'll always be proud of.  Thanks for your leadership!

Ken Dohrmann
Class of 1984