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Mission Statement

A simple question became a project that ultimately turned into a hobby; created in December of 2002 after a year of research, is a non-profit website intended to serve all Bulldog football players, coaches, trainers, and managers who have worn the Black and Gold.

As well, its purpose is to also aid the countless fans, alumni, and patrons who have supported Bettendorf football throughout the years; fifty-plus years after its inaugural season, the rich tradition of the football program continues to thrive on hard work, discipline, team unity, sportsmanship, and the support of its community.

To date, the Bettendorf Bulldogs have won 7 Class 4A state titles—four more than than any other 4A school.  As well, the Bulldogs held the privilege of having three Hall of Fame Coaches—Merrit Parsons, Merv Habenicht, and Randy Scott—roam their sidelines.

Please note that while this website is not operated by the Bettendorf Community School District, it enjoys their full support and is the official website of Bettendorf Football.  Moreover, the main purpose of its existence is to both archive and preserve the rich history of Bettendorf Football while positively promoting the program.