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For the record, this should have been done long ago and sincere apologies are offered!!!

Sure, it may have taken the initiative of one person to get this historical and archival website going, but with over 50+ years of football history...well, in the long run, not just one person can do it!

The following people—in no particular order—have contributed to the site with information, photos, video, graphic design, or other important items:

Bettendorf Community Schools - Bettendorf Boosters

Gary Campell - Rod Speidel - Steve Rizzo

Randy Scott - Merv Habenicht - Tom Freeman - John Lavelle - Reg Speak

Scott Rocker - Tim Cunningham - Jim Dilts

Kevin Rose - Brad Tharp - Brian Barquist - Steve Drexler - Bruce Gerhardt

Rodey Tharp - Chad Uhde - Rob Furne

Bruce McKinney - Keith Lucier - Andy Gnatovich - Josh Guffey - Tom Freeman, Jr. - Pete Ivanic

If you were left off this list and helped contribute to the site, PLEASE email the Webmaster...the oversight is NOT intentional!